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Leaking Tap? Blocked Drain? Blocked Toilet? Plumbing Repairs Sunshine Coast

Maroochydore Plumbing’s offers a comprehensive, speedy repair service to households across the Sunshine Coast.  Contact us for help with a leaking tap, blocked drain, blocked toilet, or overflowing toilet.

Sunshine Coast’s most Affordable Plumbing Fix

With no call out fee and a flat, very affordable, we’re probably the most affordable plumbers on the Sunshine Coast.  Whatever your plumbing problem, we’re Master Plumbers, Sunshine Coast, so don’t worry, just get in touch and we can fix it!

Leaking tap?

Is the drip, drip, drip driving you mad?  We can fix your leaking tap, save your sanity, your water bill and the environment – with no call out fee and for just $90 an hour!

Should you fix a leaking tap yourself?

  • It’s possible to fix a leaking tap yourself provided you have the right tools and your tapware uses fairly common washers.  Older and imported tapware may use non-standard washers that can not be found easily. 
  • If the tap needs to be ‘reseated” it’s best to call in an incredibly brilliant and clever plumber (that’s us) to avoid noisy pipes, plumbing disasters and simply not fixing the problem that causes the drip, drip, drip!

Blocked Drain?

Sick of water pooling in your tub or yard?  Blocked drains can turn into plumbing disasters and are one of the main causes of flooding and water damage to your home.

How to unblock blocked drains

  • Unfortunately, once most drains are blocked, you’ll need a plumber to unblock them.  Using a plumber’s eel (jetter) for sewage and storm water drains, we dislodge debris by breaking up blockages.
  • To prevent blocked drains, trim trees and remove garden waste from around drainage points, keep your gutters clean, never pour oil or fat down sinks, regularly remove any debris from drain holes in your house, never flush anything that shouldn’t be flushed and avoid parking vehicles on the nature strip on over your pipe line.

Blocked Toilet?

It’s the worst plumbing problem of the lot, isn’t it?   We can provide a fast, hygienic repair service to prevent further blockages and inconvenience for your family.

How to unblock a toilet

  • If your blocked toilet begins to overflow, contact our emergency plumbers Sunshine Coast service IMMEDIATELY.  Then, locate the shutoff valve on the back of the toilet to prevent further overflow.
  • Using a plunger will only work if the blockage is minor and located in the S bend. If the toilet is blocked too badly, or the blockage is further down in your pipes, you’ll need to call a plumber on the Sunshine Coast (that’s us!) to use special tools to clear the blockage.  This may involve a plumber’s eel.
  • Our best tip for how to unblock a toilet is to prevent the blockage in the first place!  Until you call us in to fix your blocked toilet, use full flush or even flush in between uses to ensure no further buildup in the narrowed pipes.

Specific Sunshine Coast Repairs and Prevention

  • The Sunshine Coast is prone to high winds, storms and rain – always keep your gutters clear to prevent blocked drains and water damage to your house.
  • Old iron downpipes are susceptible to rust due to the salty Sunshine Coast air, so to avoid drainage problems, replace damaged downpipes with newer plastic versions.
  • The Sunshine Coast is HOT.  Extreme heat can make metal pipes in older houses expand.  It pays to get regular plumbing maintenance and repairs done to prevent future damage.
  • The property boom has meant a lot of new kitchen renovations on the Sunshine Coast.  Choose a qualified, experienced plumber (again, that’s Chett) to ensure the quality, longevity and durability of your kitchen or bathroom renovations, Sunshine Coast wide.

Plumbing Repairs Prevent Plumbing Disasters!!  Call us NOW to repair your Sunshine Coast plumbing before it’s TOO LATE! Call 0416 002 012.

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